sponsored by Lino

 Winter League at " gt-rennserien " - the racing series on the Nordschleife in GT3 ( PRO / AM ) and the Cup Porsche. Very exciting !

The Krystall Trophy provides even more excitement.

Within the "League" are other prizes to win.. Lino , the creative director of Krystall Production, has created with the Krystall Trophy another attractive incentive to "experience" the already exciting Winter League in the Cup Porsche.


There are many VRP vouchers to be won.

The first 5 overall will win 500 VRP.

In addition, any class winner not within the top 5 overall will also receive 500 VRP.

In the Krystall Trophy, a different scoring system applies than in the actual Winter League.


Points are awarded in the "Trophy" as follows:


GT3 PRO - Score x 1,0
GT3 AM   - Score x 1,25
Porsche   - Score x 1,5


Based on the "League" points key, there is "fat loot" for the Cup-porsche in the championship!


One race series - two classifications - three winners and many winners!!!