GTRM 2.0

For organisational reasons, registration will begin on 27.11.2022 at 6.00 pm.

We ask for your understanding.

In 2021 we started a racing series with the GTRM that was very well received by the "driving people". If something is good and fun, you should do it again. That's why we're bringing five new runs to the racetracks of this world with the GTRM 2.0 (see dates).

The participants will try to maintain their positions in cars of the GT's.

The facts :

Five races on five racetracks

Warm-up lap (with pacecar)

75 minutes of action in the GT3

Mandatory pit stop

Rate scoring

"small gift" to all participants *

*At the end of the season, four vouchers of 500 VrP each will be raffled among all participants who have completed at least four races....

The following cars are available for selection:

ADAC GT Masters 2020           here

ADAC GT Masters 2021           → here

DTM 2021                                 → here

additional cars                           →here